Lab Events

Co-design Workshops by Prof. Eddie Melcer (UCSC) - Wave 1

We had a blast in the co-design workshop. Thank you Prof. Eddie and all the participants for co-creating this wonder experience! 22 August 2023

Welcome the visit of two professors

Prof. Hiroyuki Mitsuhara (University of Tokushima) and Prof. Hisashi Hatakeyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology) visited our lab and introduced their research projects on disaster training education.

1 September 2023

Ubicomp Research Talk Series - Serious Games

Prof. Eddie Melcer, a multi-award-winning game developer and a researcher leader in serious games and human computer interaction, delivered an intriguing talk "Building Better Serious Games: Novel Approaches to Learning and Assessment". 

21 August 2023

Open Campus

11 June 2023

Visitors from Thailand

20 April 2023

Open Lab

23 November 2022